Man arrested for shopping in his underwear at shopping mall

Published On: October 31, 2012 7:58 AM
By: Debbie Gross
Man shopping in his underwear at Dubai Mall
A man decided to go shopping at the mall in the comfort of his underwear only to be stopped by police, according police officials.

A UAE man was arrested Sunday after he was spotted at the Dubai mall wearing only his white cotton underpants.

He was with four friends, who were dressed in traditional clothing mainly used indoors or for bed.

The men were caught on an escalator in the early hours of the third day of the Eid holiday, by police officers patrolling the Dubai Mall, police told the local newspaper.

Lieutenant Colonel Ahmad Humaid Al Merri, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department of Dubai Police, said on Monday that a UAE man, who works for a government department, was arrested for showing his underwear in public.
Al Merri said the man, who is 20, was arrested along with his four friends.

"The man who was dressed in his white cotton underwear was naked on top," Al Merri said. "The five men, who are all aged between 20 and 21 years, were spotted by police in Dubai," he said.
The police approached the men and asked them to follow them to the police station inside the mall.
"The men were not taking the problem seriously and they said they did it just for fun," Al Merri said.
He said the men were arrested on Sunday morning and taken to the Criminal and Investigation Department.

"The five defendants are charged with indecent behavior in public," Al Merri said.
"The mall is used by families, women and children and inappropriate behavior is unacceptable," he added.

"These men must have respect for the public and the police will not accept their excuses that they did this only for fun."

Al Merri said the case has been transferred to the Attorney General for further investigation.
"The men were arrested by us and are still under arrest as the case is being handled by the Attorney General," Al Merri said.