Dog killed by oncoming train after saving owner

Published On: Tuesday November 6, 2012 11:18 AM
By: David Ross
Dog on the train tracks
A dog was killed while trying to save his owner from an oncoming train this week, according to reports in the news media.

The suicidal owner had fainted on the train tracks after drinking a bottle of alcohol. According to a Russian news website, the man told authorities his dog dragged him to safety. The dog could not avoid being hit by the train.
"Seeing the train, the dog began to pull away his owner," said Aida Muldashevam, who investigated the incident.
"When the train conductor saw the dog on the train tracks the conductor immediately utilized the emergency brake," according to officials.

Unfortunately it was too late. The dog died instantly, while the owner was taken to a hospital. He had two broken ribs and a shoulder injury.

Dogs have a well deserved reputation for their loyalty. At the funeral of a Navy SEAL who died in Afghanistan in 2011, a dog stayed at the coffin during the funeral.
In a small village in China last year, a dog stayed at the grave of his owner for weeks. When the villagers took the dog back to the city, the dog returned to the grave. The villagers finally decided to build a dog house near his late friend.



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