Polar bear shatters glass divider in zoo sending visitors fleeing

Published On: Thursday, November 22, 2012 11:15 AM
By: Moses Gold
Polar bear throws a stone at the glass divider
(Scroll down for video) Two tourists were taken by surprise at Rotterdam Zoo when a polar bear threw a large stone in the thick glass that separates the animal and the visitors making it crack and almost break.

The two visitors were captured in the movie admiring the polar bear swimming across the glass panel when the rock comes out of nowhere.
Luckily, the glass panel that separates visitors from the pool was strong enough to resist breaking.

The polar bear, named Vicks, is known among Dutch zoo staff to play with stones and have said they doubt it was a desperate bid for freedom, but rather an unfortunate accident that occurred while Vicks was playing. It may have been a trick of Vicks to return to the foreground.

When he was born in December 2010 he became a national celebrity, 420,000 people watched the first months of his life in a webcam feed in his dark lair of motherhood.
He earned his unusual name after the company that produces medicines for colds and flu, adopted him as a puppy.

The beast of the Arctic has moved to a different pen, while the glass is repaired.
Rotterdam staff have assured visitors that it will be completely safe to visit the polar bear enclosure once the panel is replaced.

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