6 year old girl covered with thick black fur

Published On: Thursday, November 22, 2012 11:33 AM
By: Sarah Weiss
Jiangli Liu covered with thick black fur
It is a condition that has resulted in little Jiangli Liu going through more trauma in her six years than most people take in an entire life.
The school kid was born with a thick layer of black hair on the face and in more than 60 percent of her body.

But if that were not bad enough, the worst was yet to come.

Because of her rare condition which affects only one in a billion people she was abandoned by both her parents.
At only two years old, her mother left the family home and soon after that her father took her to daycare and never returned for her.

The nursery made announcements in newspapers asking the child's relatives to claim the girl, and six
months later, the grandfather of one of her cousins came to get her.

However, he is very concerned that everyone will always make fun of her appearance.
The young girl has been unable to make any friends like other children because they were either so frightened of her or they would tease her.

There is currently no official explanation of the condition of Liu.

However, it is very similar to a syndrome known as universal hypertrichosis, leaving patients fully covered in body hair and affects only one in a billion people.