Father of four turns waste into art

Published On: Thursday, November 29, 2012 2:58 AM
By: Sarah Weiss
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Ilan Suisa, a father of four children of Akko, Israel decided to take upon himself to change his lifestyle and turn their city into an eco-friendly living.

As a symbol of his commitment to a green environment, Ilan Suisa went so far as to change his name to Ilan Green Suisa.

Ilan Green Suisa, who works for an aluminum factory in the northern city of Carmiel, is a self declared environmental activist. Some nine years ago, he began recruiting volunteers who were willing to help him in the task ahead.

Today, Green Suisa has more than forty volunteers that are aged between 15 to 70 of all ethnicities and religions. "We have to change patterns of public behavior," he said, adding that his dream was to make Akko the ecological capital of Israel.

The first project of Green Suisa consisted of collection of ceramic waste that has been dumped illegally by construction companies in the ocean. "The shards of pottery disturbed local bathers who enjoy the beach," he said. Along with the activists, Green Suisa is using the ceramic waste he collected to turn it into a mosaic in a local school in the city.

Green Susia gradually succeeded in raising public environmental awareness to the importance of recycling, to convince the municipality to place forty recycling containers through the streets of the city. "Akko won first place in Israel for recycling," he said.

"The recycling of old trash always can become art," he said of a joint effort to describe the environment of the inhabitants of Akko  "The whole town gathers old bottle caps, which were then
glued together and became the flag of Israel. "

Green Susia listed his goals for a greener future, and said that with the help of the "Zalul" association, which plans to battle factories that have polluted rivers and streams in the area Israel, will become cleaner.

Green Susia believes that "green education is more important," adding that "teaching the next generation about a lifestyle friendly environment is the best way to convey the values for a better and greener future."


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