California school new slogan 'keep our black and brown kids in mind'

Published On: Sunday, December 2 2012 11:30 PM
By: John Roberts
California school poster saying to keep black and brown kids in mind
San Francisco Julia Baldwin Elementary School in San Jose has posted a tip that says "Keeping our black and brown children in mind" The school district is standing by this decision.

Principal Joyce Millner says: "When you look on the most profound, the most significant difference is found among boys. The boys are struggling the most and the black kids and brown for sure. What I personally find disturbing to me is that the gap still exists."

Perhaps the difference "still exists" because the manager is more focused on the barriers of color to speak proper English. Four out of five students at Baldwin are black and Hispanic, apparently, only white and Asian students score above the state minimum. "Are we ignoring or despising Asian and white students" asked Millner. "Of course not. It is an opportunity for dialogue."

Separate but equal is inherently unequal.  "Considering" certain students more than other students is unjustifiable.


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