Police officer beaten by his own baton by robbery suspect

Published On: Sunday, December 2 2012
By: Moses Gold
Police officer being beaten
(Scroll down for video) A Philadelphia Police officer is recovering from a fierce beating and his alleged assailant is in the same hospital with a gunshot wound.

It was a life or death struggle for a Philadelphia police officer who was severely beaten with his own baton.

The news media has aired the video that shows the officer was pinned against a car as the suspect struck him in the head repeatedly with his own baton.

He was able to free himself and draw his gun and fired several shots.

It was a violent struggle that dozens of people saw at the intersection of 52 and Jefferson in the Parkside section of Philadelphia Saturday morning. A Philadelphia Police officer was being beaten with his own baton by a robbery suspect.

"Well, one thing leads to another, the police came to his gun and shot him," said one witness.
Before the shooting, police say the suspect, who was on drugs, had stolen from another man.
He was able to walk easily, but when he tried to take the suspect, the man got his baton. Witnesses saw him struggle with the police and deliver a blow after another.

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