Man transforms a 727 jet into his nice home deep in the woods

Published On: Thursday, December 6, 2012 7:15 AM
By: Debbie Gross
Man turns a 727 jet into a home 
(Scroll down for video) Many people will be able to relate to Bruce Campbell, devoting time and effort into creating a dream home.
But less is understood when it is revealed his future home is a 727-200 aircraft hidden in the forests of Oregon.

Describing the plan as a "bird that is meant to fly," Campbell gave reporters a tour with pride in his unusual choice of a house.

The entry and exit via stairs from the plane slide, Campbell explains that it helps with maintaining his new home to be clean and tidy, as the stairs cleans your feet while climbing through the door that has  a lock that is manually operated.

With passenger seats ripped from the main cabin there is plenty of space for Campbell's possessions with cardboard boxes waiting to be unpacked are stacked around the room.
Obviously excited to show visitors around, Campbell said the prospect of living on the plane full time makes him very happy.

With electricity running, one of the first tasks in the transformation of the jumbo jet in a remote area was of course getting a working plumbing system.
Campbell continues to play with the plumbing system, but one of the three toilets in the aircraft is already up and running.
"It's small, but I'm small," he says, peeking in the operating room.
He has also set up a temporary shower in the main cabin of the aircraft.

Campbell acknowledges the shower does not offer much privacy, but notes that if you live in the middle of the forest that is not a pressing concern.
Describing his project as an "experiment", Campbell hopes that others will follow his example. "It is a good experiment in a living environment that I hope to become something that mankind embrace at a later time"

Beaming with joy, Campbell showed his guests in the space he describes as his "favorite game room: the cockpit.
And in a warmer climate, the wings of the aircraft are like large decks with easy access through the emergency exits. Campbell has had some strange visitors to his home craft he says, some have fallen in love with it.
There is no radio or TV on the plane, but an iPod touch offers music for his new home.
"It's not for everyone. But I think for many people it is and it is definitely for me. I love it," said Campbell as he concludes his tour.

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