Bank robber caught after getting stuck in the air condition duct for 10 hours

Published On: Thursday, December 6, 2012 7:48 AM
By: John Roberts
Bank robber Charles Estell in action robbing a bank
(Scroll down for video) Not only had the confrontation with a bank robbery suspect last 10 hours the police officers and the FBI had to rescue him from the ceiling.

Investigators in Oak Lawn, Illinois, said although it took hours and extra work to get him, they finally had the suspect in custody.

The authorities told the news media, the robber wore a wig and was found wedged so tightly in an air condition duct that had to be freed.
Police named the suspect as Charles Estell on Sunday.

The FBI alleges that he robbed a bank in suburban Chicago Saturday, against employees of the bank with a gun and he had $100,000 stuffed in a backpack.

Investigators spent hours searching and found him in an air duct next to the bank. He wore a wig of dreadlocks.

The bank robber cut through the roof of the bank that is six inches thick of concrete to enter, according to the news media.

Michael Kaufmann, head of the division of the Oak Lawn Police said the thief dropped into a secure area of Bank of America, tied up two employees, and went through the roof with a bag of cash.
Then, Kaufmann said, the robber ran to the roof of a nearby office to hide from the police. He broke a window to access one of the offices that cut his hand.

Police followed the blood trail, which led them to an air condition duct, where the suspect was caught.

"He could not get out and move," Kaufman told the news media. "He had the luck that the police arrived, because if we had not found him, he may have died in that duct."

Kaufmann said that the bank robber was released from the duct and then arrested at about 12:30 this afternoon, accused of bank robbery. The criminal complaint says Estell admitted that he robbed the bank, but has not entered a formal statement.

It was not immediately clear if Estell has a lawyer. A message left at a number listed in his name was not immediately returned.



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