Mom arrested for cheering to loudly at graduation

Published On: Wednesday, December 12, 2012
By: David Ross
Shannon Cooper 
Beach balls and megaphones are usually banned from graduation ceremonies, but some schools also want to silence the cheers and going so far as arresting members of public.

That's what allegedly happened to South Carolina mother Shannon Cooper, who was accused of yelling so loud at the graduation of her daughter in high school on Saturday night that police accused her of disorderly conduct and placed her under arrest.

"They are seriously YA'LL? Are really YA'LL I mean, that's what I'm thinking in my mind," said Cooper in Myrtle Beach. "I did not say anything. I was like well, I cannot fight the law."

Cooper said she had not acted differently from other families when their children's names were
 called during the ceremony of South Florence High School.

Her daughter, Iesha said she did not realize that her mother was being arrested until her friends told her. "They are arresting your mother for cheering and I was like that is not right because people were yelling and are not locked up," Iesha told the news media.

Police reportedly warned parents that the screams would result in expulsion from the Florence Civic Center. The place became disorderly, as other people were also arrested, authorities said.


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