Woman kills her boyfriend because her cell phone broke

Published On: Monday December 17, 2012 7:18 AM
By: Sarah Weiss
Frankie Hernandez (in picture frame), killed by his girlfriend
A Bronx woman was in custody Wednesday in the hit-and-run death of her 17-year-old boyfriend as a deadly revenge for shattering her cell phone, the police and members of the family said.

Minutes after the couple fought at 1:30 in the morning, the family of Frankie Hernandez found his body lying on Morris Avenue. As Jasmine Diaz, 25, sped off in his truck, police and the Hernandez family said.

With Hernandez standing directly in front of the Lincoln Aviator, Diaz stepped on the gas, threw him down and took off, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

The police were investigating the death as a homicide.

"I ran into the street and it was too late," said the victim's devastated mother, Iris Hernandez. "His head was crushed. He did not move. There was blood everywhere."

Hernandez was pronounced dead at Lincoln Hospital. The couple began having dating problems a year ago, and apparently shared a volatile relationship.

The dead teen's brother, Cesar, said he heard screams in the street while running out to help his brother. "I heard the burning rubber and saw how she just drove off," said Cesar Hernandez. "When I reached him, he was trying to speak, but just bubbles came out of his mouth."

Diaz left his late model SUV near the apartment of her mother in the Fleetwood section of the Bronx, according to sources and family members.
Police found her hiding place and took her to the police station for questioning. Kelly said the charges against the suspect “are being developed now."

Caesar says that he ran the few blocks from the scene of the death of his brother to Diaz's apartment, where he hit the door unsuccessfully.

"I could hear her screaming inside," I just hit Frankie. I just hit him. I do not know what to do, '"said Caesar.

Devastated sister Yolanda Hernandez, sobbed uncontrollably as she held a picture of her brother.
"My brother is dead!" she shouted. "He's gone!"

According to family members, Hernandez accidentally dropped and broke her iPhone sending her into a rage.


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