After 115 years together a couple goes their separate ways

Published On: Sunday, December 23, 2012 4:45 AM
By: John Roberts
Bibi and Poldi
Sometimes 115 years of being together is enough. Bibi and Poldi, two giant tortoises at the zoo in Austria, are slowly going their separate ways after more than a century enjoying each other’s company.

The straw that broke the tortoise was when Bibi the female began to bite the shell of Poldi the male. If the turtle was a human gnawing at the back of their partner it is a sign that the relationship has reached a stage full of potholes.

The zoo staff members of Austria were using a variety of methods to rekindle the flame of love, aphrodisiacs, games, and partner counseling. Unfortunately, nothing worked.

Zoo director Helga Happ told the news media, "We feel that they cannot stand the sight of each other anymore." Poldi has been taken to another room, a pretty big movement. Poldi and Bibi had shared space for 36 years. Before that they lived together in Switzerland.

We do not recommend biting your partner as a way to return to the single life, but have to hand it to Bibi wanting to make a big change in life after 115 years. It's like going out of a shell.


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