School bans girls from wearing skirts so they should look like boys

Published On: Monday, December 24, 2012 10:30 AM
By: John Roberts
School girls wearing skirts
The skirts have been banned in school because the principal said the girls have repeatedly violated the rules by wearing them above the knee.

Instead, students at Moulton School and Science College in Northamptonshire will be forced to wear black pants.

Director Trevor Jones said he has taken the radical decision to fight against "excessive sexualization" of children. Wearing pants girls will not have to worry so much about their looks and wear clothing similar to the boys.

Failure to obey the new rule, students will be given second hand clothes to wear during the day or sent home to change.

Jones said he had seen girls come to school wearing skirts halfway up their thighs or even more.
He added: "Some of them would be more appropriate in a nightclub than in a classroom. I think there is pressure with the girls and looks".

"The school should be a place to come and learn and not have to worry about that for a few hours
and instead concentrate on their learning."

Existing rules have stated that girls must wear skirts well below the knee, but he said that this rule has been consistently broken.

He added: "The minimum length was proving impossible to implement, so now we are looking at a total ban. "I've had complaints from some parents and some girls feel aggrieved, but we think this will make the school a safer place.

"It's another aspect of body image the girls need not worry while they are here."


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