Choking dog saves his own life by calling an ambulance

Published On: Monday, December 24, 2012 11:15 AM
By: David Ross
Dog calls 999 after choking on a cord
George, a dog of two years from the southern outcrop Heindley, West Yorkshire, UK, was strangled by a telephone cable  and miraculously saved his life by calling 999, the British equivalent of 911, reported the news media.

George stumbled upon an old home phone of his owner, Steve Brown and became entangled in the cord and finished with it wrapped it around his neck. Somehow, George in the middle of asphyxiation managed to call 999 with his paw.

The emergency operator heard the heavy breathing and gasping at the other end and alerted authorities, who entered the house with the help of a neighbor, Paul Walker, who had the key.

Walker saw the dog choking and ripped the phone cord free to save it.
He told the news media: "Incredibly you could see where his paw was on the phone to ring 999 it literally saved his life."

Lydia Brown, daughter of the owner of George, expressed amazement at the achievement of the dog telling the news media: "He is really silly and just likes to chew on the socks."
George does not sound so silly now, though.


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