Teacher burns student's hair because she didn't like the hairstyle

Published On: Tuesday, December 25, 2012 12:25 AM
By: Shifra Unger
Courtney Blades Wilkinson
A school has launched an investigation into allegations that a teacher burned a student’s hair using lab equipment in an attempt to cut their colored hair extensions out.

Courtney Blades Wilkinson, 13, says she and a friend were dragged out of the classroom and subjected to "fear and humiliation ' after the teacher saw her new hair and said it broke the dress code.

The student said a kind of heat gun was used, but when this failed to remove the drawings attached to the fake hair, friends were ordered to take scissors and cut each other’s hair.

Courtney's mother Susan, 40, says it has rejected an apology from Graham School in Scarborough, and requires disciplinary action be taken against the teacher who she says is responsible.
A shame Courtney said.

"It was really scary and I asked the teacher to stop, but she did not seem worried.
"It was really embarrassing. For all my friends to see me out of class and for that to happen to me. It's humiliating.

"The teacher is still in school and everything we've heard is that they are investigating.
Mother of seven children, in Scarborough, Susan added: "For a teacher to drag two kids to a science lab, and burn their hair is outrageous.

"I had already talked to the deputy director and she said the girls would be fine with the extensions as there were only a few days until half term, but this teacher did not agree.
"The girls said they were saying how much it hurt and asking her to stop, but the teacher did not seem worried. They were not sure what was used. A kind of heat gun they think.

"I cannot believe that the teacher is still in school disciplinary action must be taken.
"Courtney is only 13 and gets to do herself with makeup and things, has been humiliated and very embarrassed.'


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