A third of all mothers have sex while their baby is in the same bed

Published On: Friday, December 28, 2012 5:00 AM
By: Shifra Unger
30% of babies always stay in their mother's bed even during sex
Most couples with young children know that finding time for sex is difficult.
If you decide to share a bed with your baby all the finding time being intimate with your partner is even more difficult.

However, almost one third of Swedish couples avoid the problem by having sex while their child is sleeping in the same bed, a survey has found.

According to a survey, three out of ten Swedish mothers have sex, while their babies sleep next to them.
In a separate study 59% of U.S. parents admitted to having sex, while a baby was in the room, according to the news media, but the results are not available as to whether any of them had sex, while their baby was in the same bed.

The latest survey, conducted by a Swedish magazine, also found that 48 percent of mothers are able to have sex once or twice a week, while four percent say they had sex with their partners every day.
The findings add salt to the wound to American parents, who are repeatedly being disappointed with their sex lives, and to juggle work and families.

A survey of 600 families in the United States last year found that six in ten working parents do not have enough energy to have sex with their partners.
However, U.S. mothers go to different extremes to suit a romantic life with 12 percent using their phones during sex, a survey revealed last month.
American moms can breathe a sigh of relief that Swedish mothers agree that daily life gets in the way to realize their sexual dreams.

 And of the 663 mothers surveyed, a quarter revealed that they fantasized about being unfaithful while 10 percent admitted to cheating on their partners.

Although the number of mothers who have sex while their children were in bed may surprise most Americans, who will come as less of a surprise that most mothers in Sweden 51 percent reported having sex only once or twice a month.

Seven percent of mothers reported having sex only once or twice a year.


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