Two sisters from Canada found dead covered in vomit in Thai hotel room

Published On: Friday, December 28, 2012 6:00 AM
By: Moses Gold
Two sisters from Canada found dead in a Thai hotel room
Two Canadian sisters were found dead in their hotel room in Thailand.

Thai police suspect that Audrey and Naomi Belanger, 20 and 26 from Quebec, may have been poisoned.

The bodies of the sisters were discovered by the servants of the Hotel Phi Phi Palm Residence on the resort island of Phi Phi town on Friday.

Authorities said the sisters were covered in vomit, had skin lesions and had bleeding gums, according to the news media. They also said that the nails of both women and their feet were blue.

Lieutenant Colonel Somboon Provincial Police of Rat Krabi assumed that the women had died between 12 and 20 hours before their bodies were discovered.
Police suspect poisoning and said initial investigations do not indicate any kind of violence in their hotel room.

"We have to wait for the autopsy to determine cause of death, but on the basis of initial investigations there are no signs of violence in their room," said Lt. Waiyawat Pongpan.

The sisters are from Pohénégamook city, about 200 kilometers northeast of Quebec City, had checked into the hotel on Tuesday.

"They went out and returned to their room that night, but stayed in their room all day on Wednesday," said Lt. Siwa Saneha of Phi Phi island police.
"A maid knocked on the door to clean the room on Thursday, but there was no response, so the girl thought that women need more rest and left."
He said it was not until yesterday that the hotel staff became concerned about their welfare and use
the master key to enter the room.

"There were a lot of vomit in the room, and both bodies showed signs of trauma. They had skin lesions and appeared to have bleeding gums. Additionally, their fingernails and feet were blue," said Col Somboon to the news media.
"We will have experts to conduct tests on samples of vomit and urine samples taken from the scene to try to determine the cause of death."


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