Wind blows away lots of cash after old man slips

Published On: Saturday, December 29, 2012 2:15 PM
By: Debbie Gross
Wind blows away the cash withdrawn from this Abbey bank
A grandfather who fell outside a bank and saw his £1,000 in cash blowing away in the wind was surprised when foreigners returned almost all the cash.

Barry Eastwood, 54, had left the branch of Abbey Santander in Cheetham Hill, Manchester, after withdrawing money from his account in the bank.

But across the road, Mr. Eastwood tripped and fell on his face, breaking his glasses.
Money flew from his hand and Barry returned to his car with only 60 pounds left.

His son Richard, 29, who had been waiting for him, jumped out to try to recover part of it.
But to his surprise, dozens of passersby began to take notes as fast as they could, and return them.
The spectators, all aged from about 12 to 25, brought together almost all but a note of 20 pounds.

The grandfather of 13, said: "The money went flying in the air. I saw all these young men started grabbing the notes and I thought I have no chance here.

"But they took it and gave it all back to me I could not believe it! They were jumping up and catching the notes it’s a shame that no one had a camera.
"There must have been about 20 guys all were young. I ended up with all the money back except for 20 pounds."

Mr. Eastwood, of Salford, who had to retire due to heart problems, was given back his passport and
credit card that had fallen down as well.
"It was absolutely great. Especially at this time when the economy is not doing well," he said.

"I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped get my money back and for your kindness and true demonstration of concern. "I just felt this was a story to share. It has given me the feeling that all is not lost and there is still some decency in this world.
"Thank you all," he said.


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