Cat tries to wake up sleeping friend to play together

Published On: Monday, December 24, 2012 11:00 AM
By: John Roberts
Cat tries to wake up sleeping friend
(Scroll down for video) Become a YouTube sensation is something that many who claim to be able to do with the eyes closed, but this adorable kitten has been doing just that.

The small brindled appears in a short video sleeping on a table, much to the charging of a feline friend trying to wake it up for a play.

But despite the brown and white kitten nibbling on the ear of its friend, who has a playful blow on the head and trying to catch its tail, the cat dozing refuses to be awakened from a deep sleep.

In a moment the brown and white cat becomes so desperate to wake his friend, it lies on its back and ends up falling head first off the table.
The end of the YouTube video shows that there is nothing wrong with the kitten tabby cats since both are filmed having a playful time.

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