Teacher orders all her students to slap bully as punishment

Published On: Saturday, December 29, 2012 4:10 AM
By: Shira Schockett
Aiden Neely
Salinas Elementary School kindergarten student, Aiden Neely received an unconventional treatment for being accused of bullying his classmates. Early in May, Aiden’s teacher instructed all of the students in her class to hit Aiden in order to prevent future bullying in her class.

Aiden’s mother Amy Neely reported, “He was hit on the head, in the face, on the back. And all the kids hit him twice. He had friends in the class, and friends didn’t want to hit him, but the teacher instructed them to hit him.”

Amy also said that his teacher instructed him not to tell anyone about the incident. Unfortunately for his teacher, Aiden told his mother who just wants, “to make sure that justice is served for Aiden.”
The teacher was fired by the Judson Independent School District promptly after the accusations were
made. She has recently been officially charged with the misdemeanor of harassment. Another teacher who chose not to report the episode was also charged.

District spokesman, Steve Linscomb reported that they are doing everything in their power to prevent a repeat of anything like this. Amy Neely is determined to make sure that her son’s abuser and former teacher will never teach again.

It is simply perplexing that an individual in charge of teaching and protecting children could do something as horrifying as this.


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