Cat gives birth to 5 kittens in a tumble dryer

Published On: Sunday, December 30, 2012 9:00AM
By: John Roberts
Cat gives birth to 5 kittens in a dryer
A stray cat has given birth to a litter of kittens in a dryer.
Patrick Ambrose took the cat,
after finding it in his garden in Erdington, Birmingham.

The 44-year-old was surprised to discover the new mother and her five kittens in his dryer when he got home after work.

He said: "It was hot and dark in there and had settled into a towel that was there.

"Cats are said to have a sixth sense so obviously felt comfortable in my house."

Mr. Ambrose, an electrical engineer, had previously had the cat checked by the League for the Protection of cats after being unable to find a home immediately.
He pledged to continue to care for the cat, although he already has a cat of his own.
"She has been with me for years and has gone blind, but appears to have no problem with
 newcomers," he said.

"I'm very glad I could help it would not have survived if left as strays.
"Obviously someone had the mother as a pet, because it had been well kept. I hope people will take them."

Sheila Pennell, North Birmingham Cats Protection League, said volunteers were desperate to find homes for kittens.

She said: 'We will make arrangements to have the mother spayed and we will get the kittens vaccinated before trying to find a home."


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