New York restaurant starts selling $1,000 pizza

Published On: Sunday, December 30, 2012 9:45 AM
By: Shira Schockett
New York Nino restaurant
Nino’s Bellissima Pizza’s owner Nino Selimai designed a $1,000 pizza pie! The majority of the price comes from the huge amount of caviar topping on the pizza, which itself costs a total of $820.

Included in the extravagant pie’s ingredients are lobster, crème fraiche, a salmon roll, chives, and wasabi paste.

Nino, the proud owner of five other restaurants, has been in the business for over 30 years and serves caviar in each of his restaurants. Nino wanted to change things up in his pizza restaurant, “I didn't want just a traditional marinara or margherita. I wanted something specific and unique and so I came up with the $1,000 pizza, and it's worth every penny.” He spent more than three months combining ingredients to create the perfect pizza pie.

Nino reported that despite the decline of the economy, he sells approximately 50 of the “$1000 pies” a year. With the increase in the price of caviar, the profit margin on his pizza has greatly decreased.

The pies are sold to politicians, Wall Street traders, and caviar lovers celebrating special occasions. Even though a majority of Nino’s diners would never purchase such an expensive pie, they are always interested in finding out about it.


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