Daredevil risks death as he rides over 5 large California waterfalls

Published On: Monday, December 31, 2012 6:00 AM
By: Sarah Weiss
Evan Garcia riding over waterfalls
(Scroll down for video) In an amazing feat of bravery and skill, Evan Garcia risks his life in the fight against the five waterfalls in the North Fork American River in California.

Battling whitewater rapids crashing incredibly strong and dangerous drops, there is never a bad hit away from a fatal collision with the rocks that surround it.

Evan first paddled the North Fork American River, when he was only 17 years old and the experience was playing in his mind ever since.
"Young, skilled and terrified, I had no idea what this first run of the river will mean to me," he explains at the beginning of the adventure to the news media.

"As the years passed and I advanced my skills, the river kept pulling me back."
For his next trip, he devoted himself to face what is known as the Royal Flush, the five major waterfalls along this stretch.

He said: "All the key factors are out there. You need the right group, the correct water level, the right conditions to make everything perfect."
And he got exactly that and completed the challenge in just one trip.
"It's one of my achievements I’M the most proud of," he says.

The American River is a waterway in California with the site of Sutter's Mill, northeast of Placerville, where gold was found in 1848, resulting in the California gold rush.
The North Fork is the longest tributary of the American River, 88 miles long or 142 km.

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