School boys suspended after masturbating in class to see who is gay

Published On: Thursday, January 3, 2013 3:40 AM
By: Ryan Lee Hall
Boys masturbates in class
(Scroll down for video) Nine middle school children were suspended after masturbating during an English class while watching porn on their mobile phones.

The incident took place at the San Diego Public School Bell Middle and although the teacher reportedly was told by other students that boys are masturbating, the teacher allegedly let them go with a warning.

It was only after a different manager was told about the incident after the fact that nine children were suspended.
Due to their age and privacy policy of the school, their names and the duration of the suspension was not made public.

Add another layer of intrigue to the story, the boys were supposedly watching gay porn, as a student wanted to create a "test" to see if they themselves were gay.
The news media cites the accounts of a group of students who said that gay test called a mandate
that if the boys were excited to the sight of gay porn that they would be considered homosexual.

The incident took place in an English class of all boys, and the offending students wore sweat pants at the time. "It's crazy that even I know that I cannot believe it happened," said an unidentified fellow student.

Gay rights advocates are outraged because they feel it is a step back for the liberal-progressive school that banned the Boy Scouts in 1993 because they thought that the group discriminated against homosexuals.


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