Long Island New York hot dog hooker gets 7 days in jail

Published On: Wednesday, January 2, 2013 6:30 AM
By: Sarah Weiss
Long Island New York woman jailed after selling sex from her hot dog truck
Called the hot dog hooker of Long Island New York she left the courtroom after being sentenced to seven days in jail for selling sex out of her hot dog truck.

With a cigarette dangling from her mouth and flashes most of her breast in a bikini top, Catherine Scalia was processed and released from Hempstead, New York, for time served and was not sent back to jail, according to the news media.

The 45-year-old spent five days in jail after pleading guilty to selling sex from her hot dog truck in Baldwin New York. "I do not see anything illegal with it," she told the news media. "You want to stick me with a prostitution charge - I do not care. I'm out of the Playboy mansion and in the real world."

Ms. Scalia was arrested after an undercover police officer, said she agreed to have sex with him for $50, when he visited her van for a hot dog.
The East Rockaway mother of four denied that sex selling to a police officer, insisting she was not a prostitute, but a stripper and has only done a lap dance in front of his colleagues who arrived at the scene and arrested her.

According to the news media, Ms. Scalia said she sold Sabrett hot dogs and other snacks from her truck with and then offered to strip to customers if they were interested.
She already served time in jail once before for prostitution.

But it seemed clear the attention she has received only encouraged her behavior.
"I feel like a celebrity. Do I look like Pamela Anderson?
Who knows? I could be in the future Playboy Mansion. Who knows?"


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