Denver bans 3 year old from writing on sidewalk with chalk

Published On: Thursday, January 3, 2013 4:00 AM
By: Shira Schockett
Emerson Cohen
Artistic expression is a freedom with boundaries that are difficult to define. Generally as long as the artist is not harming the property or possessions of others, they are left to their art undisturbed.

Three year old, Emerson Cohen’s neighbors in the Innovations and Courtyard Traditions group at Stapleton were offended by her chalk drawings on the sidewalk. They claimed that because the sidewalk where Emerson was drawing was shared space, if any of her creations were offensive they were not allowed.

How offensive could a three year old’s artwork be, you may ask? Well, she was drawing flowers, hearts, and her name! It is ludicrous to even believe that innocent pictures, such as the ones Emerson was drawing were offensive. Those people just have to loosen up and relax a little.

Sara Cohen, was extremely understandably disturbed the residents of her apparently family friendly
 community. “My initial reaction was, you have got to be kidding me,” she told the media.

The “sidewalk chalk controversy” will be brought up in a future meeting where the community residents will determine if this expression of art should be forbidden.

Many people have sided with the child and her mother and are perplexed by the community’s ridiculous request. Fascinatingly, others seem to agree with the neighborhood authorities and feel that her overenthusiastic mother is being irresponsible by allowing her to deface communal property.
I’m just curious if they are aware that chalk is not permanent.


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