3 year old boy found barefoot in the street while mother went clubbing

Published On: Friday, January 4, 2013 2:00 AM
By: Moses Gold
Nicole Finnell 
Caleb Roasrio, Orange County, Orlando’s model good Samaritan, spotted 3 year old Daniel Finnell strolling alone near Hoffner avenue, one of the busiest streets and rescued him from impending doom.

Daniel’s mother, Nicole, age 24, left him unsupervised at home when she went out for a night of clubbing. Luckily altruistic Rosario called the police when he saw the boy.

The police immediately responded and went to the Finnell’s home, hoping to find evidence confirming that Nicole is Daniel’s guardian.

After a short wait, Nicole returned home with a friend. However, when they noticed the police car they attempted to flee the scene. The police pulled over the car and promptly arrested Nicole who claimed that she left her son at home with a babysitter. The police chose not to believe her clearly
fabricated excuse and Nicole was sent to Orange County Jail on a $1000 bond.

Nicole’s father, Scott Finnell was extremely upset with his daughter, whom he claimed isn’t typically negligent. ”These are pretty serious charges… It is why I have made no effort to bail her out of jail.”

Understandably, he was disappointed when Roasrio’s call to 911 went viral. Rosario was as shocked as anyone else to find the child and said, “I’m surprised the baby wasn’t dead already.”

I think that a parental competency test should be administered before a couple is legally allowed to have children!


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