Business cards made to look like salami and other food items

Published On: Friday, January 4, 2013 2:45 AM
By: Moses Gold
Salami business cards
After the devastating recession, businesses have to work significantly harder to attract customers. The traditional business card has undergone a massive metamorphosis to pop out in potential customers minds.

Tur & Parker, a Swiss landscaping company invested in creative business cards that look like a blueprint for an office development.  When “watered,” cress-like plants pop through tiny holes to simulate the growth cycle of trees.

La Charcuterie deli in Vancauver, Canada had business cards that looked like salami and other cold cuts. They strung them together with the same netting that is usually used to hang cured deli meats. Amelia Malcolm said, “the sandwich shop is busier than ever.”

Choko La, Indian confectionery company, had their business cards turned into candy wrappers for their products. They got the idea from dentist, Dr.Anita Wehrle Lechmann who gave them her business cards which featured a decayed tooth that brightened immediately after it was pulled out of its case.

Designer Jose Antonia Contreas came up with a brilliant idea to stand out in a flooded industry. He created a word puzzle whose answers provided information about his talents and abilities. “In my field, it is extremely important to have a creative business card because it is the first piece of one’s portfolio to present to prospective clients… When I hand out my card to people, they usually smile or raise their eyebrows in delight.”

These companies may have spent small fortunes on their business cards, but I am quite sure that their new customers provided quite the return for their investment.

... when it's also a business card. Indian confectionery company, Choko La, had its business card transformed into a sweet wrapper. Created by advertising company Draft FCB, it came with one of the confectioner's chocolates

   Graphic designers Michael Hane, 32, and Remo Caminada, 38, were drafted in by Swiss dentist Dr Anita Wehrle Lechmann to give her business cards a boost


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