Parents plant drugs on school volunteer to get her arrested

Published On: Friday, January 4, 2013 2:50 AM
By: David Ross
Jill and Kent Easter
A California couple is charged with the planting of drugs on a primary school volunteer because they were not happy with the way the woman was supervising their child.

Jill and Kent Easter, both lawyers, were arrested after they allegedly hatched a plan to frame the woman in the Plaza Vista School in Irvine, California, the news media reported.

Police said Kent, 38, put a bag of prescription painkillers, marijuana and a marijuana pipe in the car of the volunteer, and then called police to say she had been hiding drugs in her car.

The police responded to the scene and found the drugs in the woman's car. Surveillance footage showed police that Kent called from a hotel near his office in Newport Beach.
"She the volunteer was surprised," said police Lt. Julia Engen Irvine. "She had no idea where those items came from. Things did not seem to add up."

The news media reported that police began to suspect Easter, when they learned that the volunteer had been in class at the time that Kent said she was hiding drugs in her car.

Easter’s babysitter, Tiffany Bread, says she is surprised by the allegations."They are always so positive and happy, and I just cannot even imagine that they would do something like this."

The couple, accused of conspiracy and crime of unlawful deprivation of liberty, face up to three years in prison if convicted.


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