Man still growing his own vegetables after winning $32 million lotto

Published On: Friday, January 11, 2013 6:30 AM
By: Debbie Gross
Brian Caswell
At age 77, Brian Caswell won the lottery. He wanted to ensure that his family and life style wouldn’t change dramatically and therefore maintained many of the family’s activities despite the new money.

He explained that his family went on a yearly trip and he says that he will keep up those trips and not allow the new money change the family dynamic.

Since winning the lottery, Caswell bought a new house for him and his wife Joan and also houses for his two daughters 51 year old Helen and 47 year old Angela. He also swapped his old car with a brand new Range Rover.

Before his big win, Caswell tried as hard as he could to successfully grow carrots. “He promised, however, that life as a multi-millionaire would not see him abandon his blessed plot.” Despite the
 new money, he remained determined to grow the perfect carrot crop.

With the extra free time the money provided, Caswell was able to dedicate himself to growing carrots. Finally, he overcame the carrot curse. Caswell began growing his carrots in pots with fresh compost and succeeded in growing the carrots he had always dreamed of.

Now that his carrots have grown, Mr. Caswell is preparing for accomplishing his other lifelong goal of visiting South America.


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