Chef spikes kids chocolate pudding with ecstasy

Published On: Sunday, January 13, 2013 7:15 AM
By: Debbie Gross
Top chef mixed drugs into his deserts
Occasionally addicts and other people who want to have a good time spike drinks or foods with their drugs of choice.

However, in those occasions, the individuals consuming the “treats” are well aware of their contents and understand their ramifications.

Two toddlers were hospitalized after being taken to Red Lion in East London for lunch. 32 year old Neil Iron was accused of lacing desserts prepared for a birthday party. The desserts were taken to the hospital which found that they contained traces of Ecstasy and Cocaine.

The police were called and traced the sick children back to the pub. The officers found that the children got sick the day after eating at the restaurant.

Iron was the former head chef at the Royal Marsden hospital and once even served Queen and Prince Edward their afternoon tea.

Iron denied any involvement in the spiked desserts and said, “It must have been a person from the party because that’s where the food was. I wasn’t in the room, I was in the kitchen.”
Chef Jack Talbot, the other suspect, blamed Iron for the catastrophe.

He said that some partygoers may have asked Iron to spike the food. “You (Iron) made it clear, even if it was by alluding to it, that they were drug truffles. You told at least Mr. Webster that there were drugs in there.”

Iron is maintaining his testimony of innocence and denies the three counts of administering poison with intent. The jury is still considering the verdict.


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