Woman high on bath salts urinates on $30 million painting

Published On: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 2:15 AM
By: Shifra Unger
Carmen Tisch
Being high on bath salt proved costly for this woman by damaging a $30 million painting.

Seven months later, life has changed dramatically for Carmen Tisch."I was a pill popper, addicted to heroin. I was at the methadone clinic for a long time," said Tisch. "And when I got off the methadone that' s when I started drinking heavily. That 's when I also was making the bath salt thing."

Tisch blames bath salts for an incident, she entered the Clyfford Still Museum, went to a painting valued at about $30 million and urinated on the painting while leaning against it.
Surveillance cameras rolled and caught the entire event.

"Police actually measured my pee puddle," said Tisch. "I don't know why. Probably for evidence, I guess."
"I'm kind of afraid to see the video of myself acting that way. Friends told me it looked like there was something in my hand, while I was knocking and scratching, or whatever."
Tisch does not remember any of it. She suddenly found herself hours later in jail, she said.

After police told her what she did, surprisingly, her first thought was how lucky she was.
"I was in shock," said Tisch. "I was embarrassed and a bit relieved that I didn’t kill someone.”

Tisch has since been in jail, two psychiatric wards and is now in intensive probation.
She is being tested for drugs and alcohol every week, but says there are only two things you need to inspire sobriety. She has a tattoo on her right ankle that reminds her what they are.
"I have God, and I have a daughter," said Tisch. "My daughter, she comes to my mind every time now." That and the memory of the most painful days of my life.
"I'm an artist myself," said Tisch. "I'm sorry. Shame on me for what had happened."


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