Toddler dies after eating drugs kept in the candy dish of her grandmother

Published On: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 3:00 AM
By: David Ross
Kimberly Artis and her boyfriend, Steven Bullock
When toddlers see candy they eat them even though they are powerful drugs that can kill them.

Virginia police are looking for a woman whose granddaughter died after eating a handful of prescription pills that were kept in a bowl of candy.

Suffolk prosecutors issued an indictment against Kimberly Artis, 39, and her boyfriend, Steven Bullock, 51, accusing them of killing two-year-old Destiny Riddick, Kimberly Artis’s granddaughter.

Portsmouth police caught Bullock around 4 am on Friday, but Artis was still at large, the news media reported.
After the indictments were issued, Artis told police that they will surrender, but never did.
Destiny was found unconscious at the home of the couple, and died later in a hospital.
Toxicology reports showed the tot consumed an overdose of Suboxone, a drug that treats addiction
to prescription painkillers or heroin.

The detectives said that the pills were kept in a bowl of candy in the house of the couple.
Bullock's brother, Harvey, said that the drugs belonged to a friend.

A cousin of Artis told the news media that the young grandmother was battling a drug problem and was trying to put her life back "on track" after being in jail for a period of time.
The couple is facing felony murder, felony child abuse and neglect and drug possession charges.


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