First cigarette smoke now offices and hospitals ban wearing perfume

Published On: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 5:45 AM
By: Max Green
Spray on perfume
Some jobs dictate what their employees are allowed to say, others control what their employees wear, and some even limit their employees from having online profiles on Facebook or Twitter.

As irritating as these restrictions may be, they are logical because they give the employers control over how their organization and its employees will appear to the public. Personally, I have never heard of places that restrict how people smell!

The Tuttle, Oklahoma’s City hall website and sign’s indicate that the way visitors to their establishment smell is restricted. The website and signs say that visitors wearing fragrances must “remain at the front of the building.” City Manager Tim Young explained that the restrictions are in place to accommodate for individuals with allergies.

Allergist Clark Kaufman from Lancaster, Pennsylvania said, “I equate it (fragrances such as perfume) with cigarette smoke.” When people with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions smell them, they can get respiratory infections which would compromise their airways. These fragrances can ultimately become life threatening to the aforementioned groups.

In Bremerton, Washington, the Harrison Medical Center requests that patients and visitors not wear
any fragrances (including aftershave) to provide an accommodative environment for anyone who may enter. They even ask visitors not to bring strong smelling flowers, reported the center’s spokeswoman, Jacquie Goodwill.

The parks and recreation department of Jefferson City ask anyone participating in programs and attending meetings not to wear fragrances. The Windom Area Hospital in Windom, Minnesota has restricted the use of fragrances. “At first there was some grumbling. Now it’s normal,” reported Katie Slette, human resources director.


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