NAACP demands government ban on lottery sales because it is racist

Published On: Saturday, January 19, 2013 11:45 AM
By: Shira Schockett
Woman choosing her lottery numbers
Sometimes people will find the most ridiculous excuses for their and or others’ failures. I think that they become so passionate for their cause that they don’t even realize how insane they sound.

The NAACP of Dallas, Texas is demanding that the Texas lottery be banned on the grounds that it is racist and discriminates against the lower class who cannot afford to waste their money when there is no guarantee of results.

Chapter President Juanita Wallace described many individuals who spend their meager earnings on lottery tickets day after day in hope of winning. However the process is one which counteracts its purpose; the waste their money to buy lottery tickets which they hope will win them more money but almost never win! If they had realized the prospects of their winning, they most likely would have saved the money instead and would’ve been better able to provide for their needs. “It’s an addiction,” Wallace explained.

Overall Texas has spent the grand sum of $3.3 billion on lottery tickets. the Texas Lottery Commission found that for the Pick 3 lottery game, one third of the people who earn less than $20,000 play, compared to a quarter or less people who have a higher salary. A Texas lottery commission spokeswoman denied any acts of discrimination or racism, stating that the Texas lottery doesn’t market differently in different demographics.

David Anderson explained the unfortunate situation, “if I make a certain amount, it’s up to me: should I spend this $5 (on a lottery ticket)? Or should I go buy a loaf of bread and hamburger to feed
the kids?” David is just one of the many people motivating the NAACP to shut down the Texas Lottery, the group feels that the lottery discriminates against and steals from the lower class.

In truth, I am quite a bit confused; if the lottery is “an addiction,” then why does society have to lose out because of the addict. Why shouldn’t it be treated like alcohol or cigarettes? Both are addictive substances that destroy the health and lives of those addicted to them. Not to be too harsh, but I feel that if they are feeling hurt by the lottery, let them quit playing.


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