New designated wider parking spaces reserved for women

Published On: Thursday, January 24, 2013 7:45 AM
By: Moses Gold
Special parking spaces for women
(Scroll down for video) Finally women are getting their own wider and easier to park parking spaces in Germany and China.

Are women worse drivers than men? It depends on who you ask.

The mayor of a small German town and a few parking garages in China believe that women are worse drivers than men. They have created extra-wide parking spaces with a variety of marks to indicate that they are only for women.

Galo Strobel, Mayor of Triberg, a small town in Germany, recently required all parking spaces to be painted with the symbol male or female depending on their level of difficulty, according to the news media.

Besides being larger spaces they are also well lit and located near exits of parking garages. Parking spaces for men are narrower, harder in the corners and up against the concrete pillars in some cases,
the news media said.

"Men are generally better at these challenges," Strobel told the news media.

Tianjin, China has car parking garages with women only areas complete with brighter lighting, wider spaces, pink walls and columns, women assistants parking and the safety rails, according to the news media. That is the correct, safety bumpers. Chinese officials believe that women park their cars like children.

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