Cat gets elected as mayor of Talkeetna Alaska

By: Shifra Unger
The cat who is mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska
Sometime people have had enough of their politicians so they will rather elect an animal to lead their city.
The mayor of a sleepy town in Alaska is fighting cats and dogs.

The part-Manx cat made its way onto the political scene in Talkeetna, Alaska, through a write in ballot campaign written after he was born 15 years ago.

Local news media reported, that residents did not like the candidates for mayor, so they encouraged people to elect the cat candidate as a write-in. The city has about 900 residents.

Although his position is honorary, the popularity of the cat is real. His election press earned him enough to catapult the city base of Mount McKinley, in a tourist destination.

Residents say they are happy that their cat mayor is the promotion of tourism. The general store owner, where the cat hangs out all day says, he gets dozens of tourists a day asking to see the cat mayor.

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