12 year old boy get 4 years jail for raping 11 year old girl

By: John Roberts
Judge Mark Brown
A 12 year old schoolboy is one of the youngest in the country to have ever been convicted of rape and get such a harsh punishment.

Two girls claimed that the boy raped them. One is an 11-year-old girl and the other girl is only 7-years-old.
The boy was sentenced to four years in prison. He had to also register himself as a sex offender.

The court heard that the victims have been psychologically affected by the ordeals. The older girl tried to commit suicide and the seven-year-old girl has been having nightmares.

At the sentencing of the boy, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, Judge Mark Brown pointed out that he came from a broken home and his parents had a difficult relationship.

The judge told the boy: "The psychologist indicates that you feel rejected and hurt by the lack of interest in you. It was lack of boundaries and behavioral controls that has been a factor in your offense which may be due to the absence of a father figure who should be setting a mature example for you. I am told you have a caring and supportive mother,” the Judge said.

“The crimes were committed because of sexual bullying; you knew what you were doing was wrong, as you have admitted bullying the seven-year-old girl in the past because you did not like her. The girls' innocence were taken away when you forced yourself onto them. They have suffered psychological harm and it has impacted on their parents as well. You have shown little remorse for what you did.”

When sentencing the Judge took into consideration that he has no previous convictions, but the  judge claimed that the boy has a history of behavioral problems and neighbors complained about
him shouting verbal abuse in the street.

Judge Brown said that a substantial period of detention was necessary “to ensure that the public has confidence in the administration of justice and also to make sure he doesn’t grow into an adult who will be a threat to vulnerable children."

The mother sat in the courtroom sobbing as her 12 year old son was ordered to register as a sex offender for life.


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