Massachusetts Governor allows the purchase of porn with food stamps

Democrat tattoo
By: John Roberts

There are so many exciting things one can buy with food stamps these days no wonder the popularity of food stamps had increased so much over the last few years.

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, a Democrat whose candidacy has often served as a template from which President Barack Obama has taken his cue, vetoed a bill to reform what you could buy with the Cards EBT State and food stamps.

The bill Patrick vetoed would have banned EBT cards to be used for "tattoos, weapons, pornography, body piercings, jewelry, fines and bonds," the news media reported.

In a veto statement, Patrick accused those who wanted reforms of EBT as "political grandstanding" even though these amendments were approved with bipartisan support in the legislature of Massachusetts.

Thanks to Patrick, even though the Bay State has to adjust the budget as any other state government, recipients of food stamps in Massachusetts will still be able to use taxpayer-financed funds to buy pornography or get tattoos and piercings of the body. So why is it called food stamps anyway?