82 year old man dies just days after graduating from college

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By: John Roberts

A man spent many years to earn a degree from college only to die just a few days after his graduation.

One of the oldest people to graduate from the University of Aberystwyth has died just three days after picking up his title.

Roger Roberts, 82, of Aberystwyth, graduated in economic and social studies in international politics recently.

It is understood that Mr. Roberts died several days ago, and had been ill during his studies.
Professor Michael Foley said, Mr. Roberts "warmed the hearts and spirits of everyone."

On the day of his graduation ceremony, the university issued a statement regarding the mature student.

They said, Mr. Roberts had taken longer to complete his studies because he was sick in the last couple of years of his career.
In the statement it said that Mr. Roberts, who suffered from chronic asthma, said he had "enjoyed" his time in college.

Roberts spent his entire career in the health services industry, and his most recent graduation was his second degree after a degree in American studies in 2005.

Professor Michael Foley, director of the university's international department policy, said Mr. Roberts "warmed the hearts and spirits of all in the university." He added: "He impressed his peers and teachers with a combination of fierce determination mixed with a sparkling sense of mischievousness. He decisively demonstrated that age is no barrier to success or new experience.
This triumph of human spirit is reflected in the applause that greeted his appearance on stage at graduation.”

University vice Professor April McMahon said: "We are saddened by the news of the death of Mr. Roberts, and honored that he chose to become part of the University of Aberystwyth in his very long life of studies.

Given the delicate state of his health, it was a great achievement for him to get to the graduation ceremony and one that was appreciated by all that were present."



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