Little boy takes many bullets to protect his friend in Chicago

Daneysi Valdovinos
By: Debbie Gross
Between gang violence in Chicago one boy took in 6 bullets to save his friend.

Two children, Daneysi Valdovinos and Rony Monzon, were enjoying pizza and Mexican ballads, when a stranger opened fire on the porch in the direction of Daneysi.

Bullets were whizzing toward Daneysi when 13 year old, Rony stood before the bullets, shielding his friend from the explosions of the firearms, in the neighborhood of Brighton Park, Chicago.

Daneysi told the local news media, "They've wanted to hit me in the head, but he stood before me and the bullets hit him instead." Rony took six bullets to protect his friend.

He was rushed to Mount Sinai's Hospital intensive care unit, where he is currently recovering. "I have been lucky, very lucky," he said. Throughout the whole experience, Rony has maintained his sense of
humor. "I'm like the Terminator," he joked with his friends.

Rony said that bullets were not meant for him. "He was looking the other way for another person and then he saw me and got scared and started shooting at me."

Witnesses told police they heard the shooter yell a slogan from a gang as he ran away. The local news media reports that the neighborhood has experienced gang warfare between the followers of Satan and the Latin Kings.


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