Man's dying wish is to leave a $500 tip to a waitress

$500 tip for a waitress to fulfill a dying man's wish
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) An unexpected dying wish from a man was to give a waitress a $500 tip, and the tip just keeps on giving.

Aaron Collins was a man who appreciated the random acts of kindness, and now even in death he is coming forward.

The ultimate desire of this man in Kentucky ended up as a tip of $500 for an unsuspecting waitress.

In addition to requesting that any debt he had with his parents to be paid, he also had a more unconventional request, go eat pizza and "leave an impressive tip for a waiter or waitress."
Collins, 30, died three weeks after his birthday.

His family got into action two days after his death. His brother has created a website to help spread the spirit of Collins' goodwill and raise money for his desire.

The donations came in quickly and the family had enough money to give a tip of $500 after only a couple of days that the website went online.

The family went to dinner at Puccini's Italian restaurant in Lexington, KY, and gave the tip to a waitress. The entire dinner was recorded and posted on YouTube.

"You know, I'll be telling this story for the rest of my life," said the waitress.

Since the family made its initial gift, people are still making donations to help give generous tips in the memory of Collins.

"We just wanted to take a random act of kindness and generosity of those who thought it was little appreciated the kind of thing that could make a lasting impression," said the brother of Collins on his
YouTube site.

On Friday, the brother of Collins announced the website received more than $10,000 in one day. The family announced that they have received enough money to give 23 waiters and waitresses plus size tips. We will leave $500 in tips until all the money we raise will run out.

"Even in my wildest dreams, I never imagined that we would receive so much money to do this for so many waiters and waitresses," said Collins's brother in a blog. "What has happened is absolutely amazing."



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