Heroic man catches 7 year old after falling out from a window

Steven St. Bernard  
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A Brooklyn, New York girl is lucky to be alive, thanks to a hero named Steven St. Bernard.

A 7-year-old Brooklyn is miraculously alive and well today after she fell from a third floor window and was caught by chance by a neighbor with his hands.

The police said Kayla McCree snuck through a little piece of accordion that was holding a brand new air conditioner in a bedroom window of her apartment in Coney Island before falling down the three stories.

"She's fine," said the mother of the girl, Shaleema McCree. "Not a scratch on her. The man caught her, thank God. It is a miracle."

McCree said she took another child to the bathroom when Kayla, an autistic child who is small for her age, made her way through the window. Witnesses said that Kayla did not fall immediately, however, she was found sitting on top of the unit, with no idea of the danger she was in.
Moments later, several children alerted a neighbor, St. Bernard, who ran without a second to lose.

"There were all these kids screaming, 'the girl, the girl,'" said St. Bernard, a bus driver in town. "I
saw a little girl standing on the air conditioner. I said, 'Let's see if there is time. And I did come just in time."

St. Bernard said that she was "dancing and smiling" on the small unit, apparently oblivious to the danger she was in St. Bernard told her not to look down, and before he knew it, she was in free fall, dropping right into his arms.

St. Bernard, 52, suffered a torn tendon in his biceps, a small sacrifice, he said to save the life of the young girl.
The patient was treated and released from Coney Island Hospital, where the girl was treated as well.

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