Prostitutes destroying New Zealand traffic signs by using them to pole dance

Prostitutes breaking street sign poles by using them to pole dance
By: John Roberts

As prostitutes in New Zealnd are using street poles to pole dance on them, more than 40 sign posts have been bent, warped or broken in the last 18 months in an area south of Auckland, New Zealand, a report said.

The signs, with legally required notices, such as parking restrictions, are believed to cost thousands of dollars to replace.

"Prostitutes use these street sign poles for pole dancing," said Donna Lee, an elected member of the Otara-Papatoetoe City Council Local Board.
"The poles are part of their dancing equipment and they often break them.”
"Some of the prostitutes are big strong women."

The revelation came as the Community Board published a booklet detailing the frustrations from residents and businesses struggling to cope with the rampant sex industry at their door step.
Part of the area Ms. Lee represents is the corner of Hunter, which has become famous as a meeting place for prostitutes and their clients.

Bernie Taylor, a local resident, said: "We had a package delivered to us recently and the address was ‘the corner whore’ and it found its way to us without any problem."
The premises appeared with banners to welcome the publication of the report of the Community Board, which invites the Parliament in Wellington to give the Auckland Council powers to ban sex workers in certain areas of the city.

New Zealand has some of the most liberal laws on prostitution in the world after prostitution was decriminalized by the previous Labor government.