Kidnapped man escapes after jumping from fast moving van

Kidnapped man free after jumping out from fast moving van
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video)Smart move frees kidnapped man that could have ended deadly.

Police released a surveillance video that shows an incredible escape Tuesday of a man kidnapped in Sheraden last week.

In the video below, you can see the man jump from a moving van and rolled toward the police at the intersection of Chartiers Avenue and Hillsboro Street.

The victim told investigators he was forced to stay in his underwear and was kidnapped on Thursday.
Daniel Dozier told the news media he saw the man jump from the moving van.

"I just saw a guy flying out of the van running in shorts and shouting:" I just got robbed. Help me. Help me, '"Dozier said." I was like,' Wow 'I was overwhelmed and surprised at what really happened."

The man told police he was walking down the Hammond Street when the van stopped and asked directions to a bar. When the victim told the men he did not know, the side door opened and the two armed men snatched him.

Police said a warrant has been issued for one of the suspects, David Walker. He faces charges of conspiracy, burglary and kidnapping.
The victim also told police he heard the men say, "Where can we take you to kill you? We have to kill you."

The victim said the van then pulled into a parking lot behind a library nearby, but many people were there so they left.

After the victim jumped out and alerted the police to what had happened, the van was a little down the street near Dubois. However, all the suspects were gone.
Authorities said they are close to identifying the other two men in the van.

All three are considered armed and dangerous. Anyone with information about Walker or the other two men involved is asked to contact the police.

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