600 year old bra found in an Austrian castle

600 years old bra
By: Ryan Lee Hall

Until now it was believed that the modern bra was invented just about 100 years ago, as it turns out the bra was already around many hundreds of years.

A revolutionary discovery is rewriting the history of lingerie, it was discovered that about 600 years ago, women wore bras.

The University of Innsbruck, said that archaeologists found four bras made of linen material dating from the Middle Ages in an Austrian castle. Fashion experts describe the finding as surprising as the bra was commonly thought to be invented just over 100 years ago, when women abandoned the tight corset.

Instead, it appears that the bra was first, followed by the corset, followed by the bra that was reinvented.

A sample, in particular "looks exactly like a modern day bra," says Hilary Davidson, fashion curator for the Museum of London. "These are surprising findings."

Although the linen garments were discovered in 2008, no news of them hit the news media until now, says Beatriz Nutz, the archaeologist responsible for the discovery.

Investigating the bras by carbon dating to make sure they were genuine took some time. She gave a lecture on them last year, but the information remained in academia until a recent article in a popular British news magazine.



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