Woman severely injured as New York City manhole exploded on her

Exploding manhole
By: Sarah Weiss

A woman walking in New York City suddenly was hit by an exploding manhole, causing her severe injuries.

Before the explosion, Margo Kane was the kind of woman in Manhattan, at 70 years, who still loved being on her feet, preferably in elegant heels, except when she was in one of her tours of vigorous exercise.

On those occasions, she would go a mile from Union Square and back while listening to her favorite music.

All that changed, when one of the powerful steam pipes hidden beneath the streets of the city erupted like a volcano, while she was walking to a hairdresser's appointment.

Kane is grappling with the painful consequences of the explosion, which tore a large part of her right leg and foot under the leg and caused a cascade of medical problems.

She still has not received anything from Consolidated Edison, the company that owns the pipeline.
"Not even a card of good wishes," she said.

Con Edison quickly reached agreements with two other victims of the high profile explosion. A tow truck driver and his passenger were horribly burned. Both were hit with full force of the geyser of steam when the truck was swallowed by the huge crater created by the explosion.

Other victims, like Kane, Lois Baumerich, a woman from New Jersey said she was scared to death, literally, by the explosion, she suffered a heart attack, have had to wait for the utility in court with a contractor, for a ruling over who deserves the most blame.

In a statement, Con Edison said it has improved its steam system since the accident. Since Kane has a lawyer, it would not be appropriate for company officials to contact her directly, even to send a card. However, the company did express sympathy.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with Ms. Kane and all others who were affected," the statement said.



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