New Jersey man charged with felony after he sends joke text to girlfriend

Bill Miller
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) Bill Miller of Keyport, New Jersey, was just playing an innocent joke on his girlfriend, but the text message led to police arresting him.

It happened on a night with bad weather, dangerous lightning, trees and power lines down.

When Bill decided to play a joke on his girlfriend, he texted the following message, “I am flipped over in the middle of the bay…I don’t know what to do??”

The girlfriend was so scared that something bad happened to her boyfriend that she called 911 and told police about the text she got. This triggered an emergency response, where police went out in this bad weather to search for him.

After searching and coming up with nothing police went to his home where they found Miller home safely. Miller had no idea why police were at his house looking for him. After they told him that they were called for an overturned boat, he was shocked, “It was an innocent joke,” he said.

“That’s just like yelling fire in a movie theater, you’re scaring people, if you cry wolf you will get people to react,” said Butch Casaletto, of the Keyport Police.

“I am sorry. I never intended for this to happen,” Miller said.

Miller was arrested and was charged with a felony for causing a false public alarm, which carries a jail sentence of 3 to 5 year, and a $15,000 dollar fine.

Miller’s attorney Scott Kelly will fight the charges. Someone should have reached out to that cellular number and ascertained the level of the danger, if there was any danger, in this case there wasn’t,” Miller’s attorney said.

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