Mother-to-be shocked as needle pops out of pregnancy bump

Needle sticking out of Kelly Donegan pregnant bump
By: Sarah Weiss

Kelly Donegan, a 26 year old pregnant mother of three, who lives in the United Kingdom, is looking forward to having her baby. .

In her earlier stages of her pregnancy, Donegan complained to her doctor that she felt a lot of pain on the left side of her stomach and she could see a bump under her skin.

Her doctor told her that the pain was nothing to worry about.

One day Donegan had the shock of her life as a needle popped out of her pregnant bump just inches away from her unborn baby. She realized it must have been left inside her three years ago during her operation when her appendix was removed.

“They can’t even do an X-ray to see how much of the thing is inside me because X-rays are dangerous for pregnant women. It's horrible and it's also quite sore,” said Donegan.

The doctor assured her that the baby will not be harmed. However, she will probably need another operation to remove the needle after she gives birth.

All they can do until then is cut off the sharp end so it doesn't catch on things. "There's nothing I can do except wait until the baby is born," Donegan said.



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