Microsoft apologizes for "big boob" code mistake

"Big boob" was found to be part of the code used in windows
By: John Roberts

Microsoft code writers named a string of code “big boobs”, however it came to light publicly.

Microsoft has fixed the embarrassing code quickly after a piece of code labeled "big boobs", was revealed to the public.

The hexadecimal string “0xB16B00B5” was discovered hidden in the code of a program that helps Microsoft work with the Linux open source software.

The chain twist came to light in a mailing list for developers who oversee the kernel of Linux.
The string is used each time the Microsoft program released a virtual version of Linux.

Paolo Bonzini, a kernel hacker posted a message about the chain code on the mailing list of Linux kernel saying that "Somone was probably trying to be funny, I guess.”

Microsoft was alerted to the error and quickly issued a statement. "We thank the community for reporting this issue and apologize for the offensive chain," they told the public.

They added that they had prepared a patch that would change the spelling of the chain in an update.

Commenting on the gaffe, developer Dr. Matthew Garrett said the first version of code, Microsoft used a similar chain of “0x0B00B135”, a form of cards that could be translated as "boob".

"Childish giggles about boobs contribute to the impression of the software development space of being a boys’ club, where girls are not welcome," wrote Dr. Garrett.

In the past Microsoft suffered another embarrassment over "vulgar" language in a song and dance routine at a conference of the company.



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